Electronic Content Managment

Managing paper and electronic documents in today’s fast paced business environment is becoming more time consuming, expensive and tedious.  Content Management provides you with the solution to control the storage, access and security of all of your business records, including paper, electronic and emails. Our solution is available to you as an in-house deployment, or as an ASP (SaaS) service, which requires very little up front capital investment. 

With our Content Management System you: 

  • Reduce the cost of business record storage (no more file cabinets or off-site storage expense)
  • Access your documents from anywhere at any time (fully browser based access)
  • Paperless routing of documents needing multiple approval or review
  • Meet Industry and Government Regulations (automate your document retention/destruction schedules)
  • Increase the security of your records and control who sees what documents
  • Decrease the time it takes you to provide customer service 

We can provide you with a Return on Investment report for your organization at no charge.  For more information give us call or email to sales@jadtec.com

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