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JADTEC COMPUTER GROUP was founded in 1983 in Orange, California.

Jadtec Computer Group is a technology company that provides value-added information technology solutions to business customers. The company maintains a staff of professionals with extensive technical knowledge who provide customers with a "single-point" contact for any combination of on-site network support, hardware repairs, network security and electronic content management.



  • Jadtec Computer Group was founded in 1983. Digital Equipment Corporation recognized Jadtec as a value-added reseller (VAR) which gave the company the ability to buy products direct from Digital. The company's original charter was to sell turnkey systems using Digital hardware, with some accounting software developed by the Chairman & CEO, John Dieball.
  •  As the market for hardware became more competitive, Jadtec began selling turnkey systems using compatible devices surrounded by a Digital CPU. The result was better systems at more reasonable prices. But what set Jadtec apart from its competitors was the ability to provide a single source to customers for on-site hardware maintenance of the turnkey system.
  • Jadtec found the maintenance side of the business to be the most profitable. The turnkey software was phased out and the company began to concentrate on selling service and hardware. Jadtec also began to develop a "state of the art" company infrastructure centered around the ability to provide a customer with 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week, on site maintenance service. The system developed is still in use today and is known as Jadserv.
  • As PCs began to revolutionize business, Jadtec expanded service to include PC sales, network installation and PC hardware/network support. Jadtec received several certifications giving the company the ability to sell, install, and service such manufacturers as Apple, Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Novell and Microsoft. The company prides itself on its ability to adapt as the marketplace changes.
  • The management of Jadtec encourages growth and promotion from within the company. The current president of Jadtec started as a technician. The company dispatcher is now treasurer. Several years ago, John Dieball, the CEO, was selected "Manager of the Year" by INC magazine. In addition, his articles have been published in the INC books.
  • When the office lease expired at 546 West Katella Avenue, Orange, in 1992, the company decided to purchase the property it now occupies at 1520 West Yale Avenue, Orange. The building also is occupied by Jadtec Computer Group's sister company, Jadtec Security Services.
  • The company provides service to approximately 350 customers with additional offices in Seattle, Washington.
  • Jadtec's philosophy understands people need to perceive a difference in a company so in order to make a purchase based on something other than lowest price and fastest delivery. This philosophy has helped Jadtec grow and remain profitable for the last 25 plus years.
  • In January, 2003 John W. Lusty purchased the company from founder, John Dieball.
  • The company continues to grow and change with technology. Electronic Content Management, Internet Security and Network Installations are just a few of the products and services available through Jadtec Computer Group.

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